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Mary & The Wrongs of Woman (2 in 1)
Mary Wollstonecraft, Gary Kelly
Gazelle-Boy: Beautiful, Astonishing and True - A Wild Boy's Life in the Sahara
Jean-Claude Armen, Stephen Hardman
The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories
Of Love and Other Demons
Edith Grossman, Gabriel García Márquez
Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë

India (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

Lonely Planet: India - Sarina Singh, Joe Bindloss, Rafael Wlodarski, Amy Karafin Though not as good as some of the other lonely planet guides, useful nontheless.The budget options were useless.It seems that once the hotel, restaurant etc get into lonely planet, bussiness is guaranteed and complacency and price discrepencies ensue.My advice: Use as a rough rough guide; photocopy and cross reference if you need to but live your OWN journey not the guide books!