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Mary & The Wrongs of Woman (2 in 1)
Mary Wollstonecraft, Gary Kelly
Gazelle-Boy: Beautiful, Astonishing and True - A Wild Boy's Life in the Sahara
Jean-Claude Armen, Stephen Hardman
The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories
Of Love and Other Demons
Edith Grossman, Gabriel García Márquez
Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
May 2013
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April 2013
reviewed: Paradise: A History of the Idea that Rules the World
I did not complete this book but I found the chapter on the Islamic concept of the perfect man enlightening.
Paradise: A History of the Idea that Rules the World - Kevin Rushby
April 2013
reviewed: India (Lonely Planet Country Guide)
Though not as good as some of the other lonely planet guides, useful nontheless.The budget options were useless.It seems that...
Lonely Planet: India - Sarina Singh, Joe Bindloss, Rafael Wlodarski, Amy Karafin
April 2013
reviewed: Flawed Angel
I did not enjoy this book, not only is the writing stagnant but the plot is too predictable.....What is this guy getting at?
Flawed Angel - John Fuller
reviewed: Nocturnes
Really Scary! Make sure that the windows are closed or the lights are on or whatever else makes you feel safer. This book is ...
Nocturnes - John Connolly
reviewed: Great Arab Conquests
Hugh Kennedy's over cautious and suspicious treatment of Arab sources makes this a bumpy read. The book though is informative...
The Great Arab Conquests: How The Spread Of Islam Changed The World We Live In - Hugh Kennedy
reviewed: Stephen King 1: Pet Semetary, Carrie, Nightshift
A classic, no one scares like Stephen King and this is one of his best works. The cold, middle-of-the-night sweat of loss or ...
Stephen King 1: Pet Semetary, Carrie, Nightshift - Stephen King
reviewed: The Adventurer's Handbook: Life Lessons from History's Great Explorers
Lots of intresting anecdotes, information and exploration advice. A good book.
The Adventurer’s Handbook: Life Lessons from History's Great Explorers - Mick Conefrey
April 2013
reviewed: Wedding Song
The way time changes perceptions. beauty and the human spirit is what Naguib Mahfouz is all about. Depressing.
The Wedding Song - Naguib Mahfouz, Mursi Saad El Din, James Rodenbeck, Olive E. Kenny
I live for second-hand book shopping. Whenever I feel the slightest bit down I head straight for the charity shops. Oxfam are...
from Jasmine, A Common Reader
April 2013
reviewed: Passion India
Not as bad as it sounds. It would have helped if the author had used another tense in narrating.
Passion India - Javier Moro
reviewed: How to Have Creative Ideas: 62 Exercises to Develop the Mind
All the exercises in this book involve random words. This can become monotonous and boring.Some of the exercises are useful a...
How to Have Creative Ideas: 62 Games to Develop the Mind - Edward De Bono
reviewed: The Gates of Damascus
This book was bland. There were however a few good parts and I would consider it useful as an insight into modern Arab societ...
The Gates of Damascus - Lieve Joris